Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mother and Daughter day

For the last 6 years a friend has held what she calls the "Spring Event" to celebrate women and to give women a place to visit, share, create, and have fun. I think I have attended 3 of these, and all have been wonderful. This year was the first time my Daughter Cathy was able to go with me. Cathy has had to work every Saturday that this event has come up, but this year was different.
Here is the link to my friends blog, her name is Teresa Anderson and she has a wonderful gift of throwing parties, she gets help from some of her old friends and her family:

We were welcomed with many photo opportunities, this strawberry table was one of them.

Cathy and friend Mary Marshall, looking FAB!

Time to shop - here is another friend Donya Evans and her homemade soaps (yummy!)

Friends in front of quilts, Joette, Tony, Hilary and me!

Me and Cathy if front of the quilt.

Lunch (sorry it is sideways)
Very yummy and CUTE!

Pretty Cathy in the garden

Cathy laughing at me because I was trying to make her stand in the strawberry patch (she would not do it Teresa)

Thank you Teresa and friends for a wonderful day, and the weather was perfect. But most of all thanks to Tom - who watched Shelby so we could have some fun!

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  1. You girls were awesome....and so cute! Thanks for making the day better just by being there!
    Happy day