Friday, May 5, 2017

An addition to the family

This week I got a message from my cousin Karen, she had been contacted by a man who from Ancestry DNA testing showed he is her cousin. A first cousin to many of my first cousins. So how is he related, where did he come from, how is he.....I had a lot of questions going through my head.

My Dad, Harry "Buck" Wass had been married previously before meeting and marrying my Mom, Marian McCay. Dad's first wife was Carol Thomas (not sure if that is the name she went by, but that is what I knew her as). He had a son with her Rickard Wass that I have know about all my life, only got to see once or twice, he spent a few weeks here in the summer when we were kids, was offered to live with us but he chose to stay with his Mother.

So the man that called Karen is my 1/2 brothers brother....well it looks like the man is also my half brother. Would like some more testing to prove, but after looking at pictures and taking to him, it does appear that his Dad is also my Dad.

I am excited to meet Mike, and his family, hoping to get together in the next few months. One thing that is interesting is the patch of gray hair, Dad had a patch, Brian has a patch, Garrett has a patch. I would think this is a pretty much genetic thing....wondering why I do not have a patch of gray hair...oh yea maybe if I did not color my hair I would see it.  hehe!!

So look for pictures in the near future of meeting Mike, looking forward to a new page in the book of my life.

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